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“I went to a training on parenting teenagers, and left feeling like I had suddenly been given a key that unlocked my 13 year-old daughter’s world."


"I needed to have supervision that was not just about if my paperwork was completed and had I called people back. I wanted to talk about my own goals for development, and learn new techniques and expand my clinical lens. I wanted supervision to be about my learning to hone my skills, and that is exactly what I got. My supervision with Liz makes me a better therapist and I continue to grow as a practitioner."

“I attended a training on using new ideas to reach those “rip your hair out” kids in pre-school and left feeling so inspired to try new ideas! I looked forward to going to work the next day!”

Training & Consulting


Professional Development is one of the most important services you can provide to your staff. We pride ourselves on offering the best in evidence-based trainings and development programs for you and your staff. Contact us to help your staff develop the tools and resources they need to provide the excellent services that fit within your vision.


Clinical Supervision

In addition to  our professional development training services, we offer clinical supervision services to individuals wishing to advance their careers and receive clinical supervision towards their licensure or to support overall clinical growth. Supervision services can be catered to individual’s professional development goals  and individualized needs, and can include training and consultation in a variety of subjects, including  clinical techniques, programming needs,  growth and confidence, and specialty skills.


Consultation Services

We offer ongoing consultation services  for individuals, families, programs, agencies, or other entities looking for support, interventions, or feedback on cases , services, program implementation,  or agency directive.  Our consultation services can be customized based on needs and goals, and will include integrative team members when and if applicable.


For more Information, please contact Elizabeth Belliveau, MSW, LICSW at 
508-317-2323 or


Sample Menu of Trainings Offered:


Mandated Reporting: What You Need to Know

This Training will address the most recent definitions of abuse and neglect, what it means to be a mandated reporter, procedural steps for filing a 51A, and follow-up planning for families and students. 

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Ins and Outs of Referrals for Care

How can you create care plans for youth that meet their various and sometimes underserved needs? This training will teach childcare providers, managers, and teachers the resources available in Central Massachusetts, and how to access the multiple layers of care for developmental, family-based, educational, and mental health needs.  

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Helping Children Development Friendships

Friendships and Social Skills are inter-related, but different. As providers, we are integral at teaching children the skills and steps to creating and sustaining meaningful friendships in their young lives. This hands-on training will address techniques, skills, and activities that promote optimal friendship skills in youth, and reinforcement of skills throughout programming.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Music Therapy in Child Care Settings

Music is powerful in helping children develop regulation skills, increase learning, and promote innate self-soothe abilities. Learn the fundamental aspects of music therapy in child care settings, and some simple techniques that you can start using at your center today.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Using the 5 Point Scale In Program Settings

The Incredible 5 Point Scale is a concrete tool that can help children with goals and skills acquisition in an easy to understand way. Through accessing multiple learning strategies and sensory inputs, this technique creates the optimal environment for behavior changes and improvements. This technique is perfect for a variety of presenting issues and developmental needs with youth, and can be applied in school, home, or 1:1 settings. 

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a thousands years old practice that promotes overall wellness in people of all ages. This training will go over the philosophy of Tai Chi, and early childcare teach professionals how to use Ta Chi in their settings to help increase emotion regulation, decrease distress, and increase overall wellness. 

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Cooking up a Nutritious Storm

Nutrition is at the forefront of issues in America. This training will help participants develop a basic understanding of the nutrition needs of youth, as well as learn to teach healthy cooking skills to kids, as well as how to help increase healthy nutrition in the children we work with.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Cooperative Games and Adventure-based Learning

Play is the natural learning tool used by kids. Learn how to incorporate play to increase skills development in youth, including problem solving, social skills, communication, healthy risk-taking, and self-esteem.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Social Skill Development in Youth

Social Skills development is one of the most important skills sets our early childhood programs can promote in youth. This training will address strategies for teaching skills and sustaining an environment that both encourages and fosters healthy social skills among peers.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Behavior Plans for Early Childhood

Behavior Modification is often a challenging and exhausting task in a variety of settings. This training will address the multitude of needs that creating feasible behavior plans require, and teach participants how to write strength-based, supportive behavior plans for youth.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


Dealing with Hard to Reach Kids

This Training will address helpful strategies for dealing with kids with specialized needs in classroom, settings, including education for understanding needs, proactive and in the moment strategies for handling difficult behaviors, and self-care for professionals.

2 Professional Development Training Hours


In addition, we offer customized trainings on the following topics by licensed practitioners with specialties on area of training.

  • Fostering Self-Esteem in Youth

  • Strategies for ADHD Youth

  • Using Yoga in School-based Settings

  • Trauma-Informed Care with Children with Needs

  • Verbal De-Escalation Strategies for Struggling Youth

  • Dealing with Parents: a Strength-based Approach

  • Substance Abuse Interventions for Youth

  • The Continuum of Sexuality for Kids

  • Advanced Clinical Consultation Program:  Prerequisites Required



We believe that strong programs, school, and centers rely on close communication with families. Therefore, we are pleased to facilitate the following workshops for families.

Parent Night Options:

  • OT Strategies for Kid’s Success

  • Trauma-Informed Care for Parents

  • Bridging School-Home Goals

  • Dealing with Challenging Behaviors

  • Troubleshooting Tantrums

  • Supporting Youth Into the Teen Years


For more information, please contact us at:

508-317-2323 or

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