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True wellness is the pursuit of balance in mind, body and spirit. At Enlightened Interventions, we believe in helping our clients achieve and sustain overall wellness through integrative, strength-based services for your mind, body, and spirit. Our licensed practitioners specialize in offering the best in holistic services that Worcester County and Cape Cod has to offer, and are committed to working collaboratively with you to design a wellness plan that meets your ongoing needs while being affordable and sustainable.

About Us
Our Story

Enlightened Interventions, LLC is a multi-service practice providing mental health counseling, 
training and consulting, and holistic health and wellness practices, to adults, children, adolescents, families, and agencies. We specialize in providing individualized, competent, quality care for client's minds, bodies, and spirits.

Our Approach

Enlightened Interventions was founded as a wellness practice in 2014 by Liz Belliveau, looking to bring an integrative approach to care in Worcester County. 
We started as a small private practice with three practitioners with a passion for providing exceptional care to mind, body, and spirit. We have expanded our locations to include Union Street Yoga (2016) and Enlightened Cape Cod (2019) to continue our outreach and goals. We are now a team of 50 practitioners with various expertise and a commitment to providing the best care for our clients that Worcester County and Cape Cod has to offer. We are proud to support many local programs and nonprofits, and believe in collaborative work to support our community. Most of all, we are proud of the transformative and brave work that our clients allow us to join them on while they shape and change their lives.

We want our clients to be able to access and integrate the interventions that will be the most helpful, most manageable, and most sustainable to their overall wellness. We believe in offering a variety of evidence-based interventions aimed to help our clients achieve and maintain their best, most well self. Our practitioners have advanced training and will work with you to create a customized wellness plan that fits your life.


Some examples of wellness plans are:


  • Mental health counseling for PTSD, trauma-sensitive yoga, and occupational therapy consults to learn strategies for managing symptoms

  • Slow-flow yoga, Massage therapy, and integrative nurse coaching in preparation for an athletic event

  • Family Therapy, massage therapy for Mom, pediatric reflexology for the children, and Bend and Bond child/caregiver yoga

  • Reiki for balancing, bi-weekly massage therapy for anxiety relief, and weekly yoga classes

  • Art Therapy for depression, wellness workshops for to increase well living habits, and pilates to increase positive endorphins.


The possibilities are endless!

We look forward to helping you create a plan that works best for YOU! 


For more information, please contact us at:

508-317-2323 or


Worcester County has an array of services and systems that can provide clients additional support and meet needs. We have established relationships with larger agencies and practices to best meet client’s needs. We are proud to support many other local small business and agencies, and both utilize locally sourced products, as well as collaborative with local agencies, as much as possible. We are also a proud supporter of several area nonprofits, including The Rise Above Foundation and Project My Choice.

Our Values

We believe that a treatment plan that embodies mind, body, and spirit-based interventions will promote optimal wellness and efficient and effective changes for our clients. We believe in offering integrative options for wellness, and can help our clients who wish to support their therapy with additional practices access the right integrative services within our own continuum of interventions or within the community agencies we partner with.


All of our practitioners offer highly specialized interventions based on modalities that they are trained in, and we pride ourselves are matching clients wellness needs to best practices for specific goals. Our practitioners have advanced training and engage in ongoing professional development so we can offer our clients cutting edge techniques, interventions, and  programming.


Our clients have individualized needs. At Enlightened Interventions, we believe that client’s treatment plan needs to be manageable for them in order to ensure sustainability. We work collaboratively with clients to create a treatment plan with goals that reinforce measureable progress and sustained wellness., and offer ongoing support through our wellness interventions that help clients maintain and sustain progress and change.


We believe in holistic treatment, which accounts for the interconnectedness of both strengths and needs within us. Our clients come to us with natural strengths and our role is to help clients access these strengths in dealing with struggles, and learn skills and strategies that will help them live their best, most full lives.

Professional Associations

Young Professional Women's Association: $10 off Massage/Reflexology or Yoga Services

Worcester County Networking: 10% off all wellness services

United States Military: 50% off all wellness services

Police, Fire, EMT, Teachers, Human Service Workers: 50% off all wellness services

NASW: Free Monthly Yoga Class

Children in the Custody of the Department of Children and Families: Free 30 Minute Massage
(please call for details)

We Sponsor
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