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"I have nerve damage in my feet and legs, and live in constant pain, and the doctor's were recommending pain management medications. I decided to try reflexology as a last resort, and am amazed by how much my pain has decreased. Christine is simply the best."



Allow yourself to access a tradition of treating ailments in an integrative and relaxing way that helps you access specific body needs by pressure point work on the feet and hands. Research has shown reflexology to be effective in  pain reduction, stress reduction, inducing relaxation, and treating mind-body health needs. Treat yourself to a hands, feet, and combined treatment today, with a complimentary foot soak and bath, and start feeling better.


Benefits of Reflexology

  • Reduced Stress, Anxiety, Depression

  • Pain Reduction

  • Digestive Improvements

  • Improved mind-body awareness

  • Decreased headaches or migraine pain

  • Increased flexibility

  • Improved Immunity


To schedule an appointment, please feel free to use our online booking system or contact:

Christine Francis, LCMT, Licensed Reflexologist 978-660-3836


For more information, please contact us at:

508-317-2323 or

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