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Resources and Helpful Information


Kid and Teens Treatment Monitoring Forms

TF-CBT Workbook for Kids

TF-CBT Workbook for Teens


Adult Treatment Monitoring Forms

Belief Monitoring

Anger Diary

CBT Diary

CBT Thought Recording

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

DBT Diary Card

Worry Thought Record

Anxiety Health Record

Sleep Diary


Parenting Resources


Evidence-based Treatment Techniques Information

What is EMDR?

What is Mindfulness?

What is CBT?

What is TF-CBT?

What is ARC?


Client Psychoeducation Sheets

How Breathwork Works

Emotion Regulation Information

Stages of Change

Sleep Tips

Stop, Think, Breathe for Panic

Assertive Communication Handout

Intrusive Thoughts

Fight or Flight: PTSD

PTSD and the Brain



Heathy Living Resources



Yoga Resources



Find More Resources on Our                  Page

Progressive Relaxation for Kids

Progressive Relaxation for Adults

Mandala Coloring Pages

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