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Worcester Yoga
The leading mental health and integrative wellness practice in Massachusetts.
Discover The Enlightened Difference
Mental Health Counseling


We understand that our clients come to us with a variety of experiences, skills, and strengths, and we work with you to cultivate your innate resources and develop new skills to help you find sustainable solutions for the issues you are facing. We believe that therapy should be a comfortable collaboration between the therapist and client to best serve client’s wellness needs of mind, body, and spirit. Our licensed, trained, and certified clinicians have been trained at the highest levels possible to work with the specific needs you and your loved ones face. We conveniently offer appointments during daytime hours, evenings, and weekends, in addition to some limited school-based appointments.

Massage and Bodywork 

The body can be the gateway to healing and maintaining overall wellness. We are proud to offer integrative and complementary body- based interventions to augment and support ongoing care and wellness. Our Massage therapy and Reflexology staff go above and beyond to meet with you and discuss the needs of your body in conjunction with other services you may be involved in, your daily needs, and the goals you have for feeling and performing your best.  Our clinical massage therapist will work collaboratively with you to create a plan that will help you feel better not only on the day of your service, but in a sustainable way. 

Union Street Yoga


Yoga is so much more than just fitness, it's about wellness. Yoga bridges the gap between finding wellness in mind, body, and spirit, while building both inner and outer strength. Beyond the amazing physiological effects, such as a strengthened core, weight reduction, increased strength and flexibility, and strong respiratory health, those who regularly practice yoga experience clearer thinking, balanced emotions, and increased joy. We are pleased to offer ongoing yoga classes that can offer something for everyone, whether it be power yoga, vinyasa flow, gentle and restorative yoga, teen and kids classes, or our specialty program in trauma-sensitive yoga. 

Reiki & Holistic Interventions


Balance is something we strive for in our lives. When we lose our centering and balance, we do not feel or perform our
best, and our natural strengths and energy are altered. We are please to offer a variety of Interventions aimed at rebalancing and strengthening the natural energy and resources our clients have within them, including reiki, stress reduction, mindfulness practice, and a variety of holistic health interventions. Our practitioners have years of experience providing holistic health and wellness interventions within a variety of settings, and look forward to collaborating with you and your practitioners on your wellness goals.

Training and Consulting 


We offer ongoing consultation services  for individuals, families, programs, agencies, or other entities looking for support, interventions, or feedback on cases , services, program implementation,  or agency directive.  Our consultation services can be customized based on needs and goals, and will include integrative team members when and if applicable. Our trainings utilize the most current evidence-based practices and  support a client-centered,  strength-based model that can be customized and tailored to any individual, program, or agency’s need both onsite and off-site.

Corporate Wellness


We understand how important the overall health and wellness of employees is to business operations. At Enlightened Interventions, we are happy to offer customized corporate wellness options for local businesses at affordable rates. Our licensed, multi-specialty providers are available to work with your most valuable asset (your employees) on a wellness event, ongoing services, or customized workshops to meet the wellness needs of your team.

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Worcester Wellness
Our Spaces
Our Locations
Central Massachusetts
Enlightened Interventions, LLC
Central Mass Satellite Office
51 Union Street, Suite 116
Worcester, MA 01608

Enlightened Interventions, LLC 
Main Campus 
25 Union Street, Third Floor
Worcester, MA 01608



Cape Cod
Union Street Yoga
25 Union Street, Third Floor
Worcester, MA 01608

Enlightened -Cape Cod
Summerfield Park
800 Falmouth Road
Building C, Suite 306
Mashpee, MA 02649


Boston Area
37 Walnut Street, Suite 300
Wellesley, MA 02481
Western Massachusetts
Enlightened-Western Mass
168 Denslow Road
East Longmeadow, MA 01028
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