"Spas scare me. Not only the bill, but the whole idea. But being able to have a massage, a delicious lunch that's good for me, try out something new, and go to yoga at that price seemed too good to be true. I wasn't sure I would like the workshop, but I find myself using the stress reduction skills all the time! I am finally able to say I can put myself first without breaking the bank."

"I attended a meditation workshop at the recommendation of my husband, who had been to one in Vermont. I was nervous, and thought I would be bored. The instructor was down to earth, supportive, and gentle, and I found myself being able to get into a state of relaxation I never thought I would be able to access."

Wellness Workshops & Retreats


The old mantra "teach a man to fish", rings true at the practice. We seek to offer our clients a multitude of ways to learn new skills and fine tune the old ones on the path to wellness, and we offer regular workshops focused on a variety of skills, education, and interventions that highlight holistic living and integrative symptom maintenance. Sample workshop topics may include nutritional counseling and weight management, "make and take" essential oil products, natural skincare or home products, "make and take" sensory intervention nights, stress reduction, mindfulness, parenting skills and strategies, expressive arts workshops, infant massage skills, or family wellness nights. We invite you to take part in events that will help you sustain your wellness.


Urban Wellness Experiences and Retreats
Imagine a day where you could have a yoga class, massage, eat a locally sourced meal, meditate, and get a natural facial? Let's make this your reality. The most effective integrative wellness planning includes the integration and collaboration of interventions that access your mind, body, and spirit through multi-specialty treatment planning. We offer quarterly wellness retreats at affordable rates that include access to a wide variety of our practices, education, and staff in one convenient event. Let us help you unwind and have you feeling far more relaxed, renewed, and recharged than you ever imagined.


Please see our events section to find out more about our events, workshops, and retreats!



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