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Priscilla S. Weldon, MA

Associate Clinician

Education: Bay Path University, BA, Bay Path University, MS, LMHC license eligible

Advanced Training: Advanced Informed Trauma, Adolescent Delinquency, CANS, DBT, Family Systems, and TF-CBT

Biography: Priscilla S. Weldon, MS, LMHC candidate. Is a graduate of the Bay Path University with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Advance Informed Trauma Care. Priscilla earned her BA in Forensic Psychology as well from Bay Path University. Priscilla has 20 years of experience working with youth, families and adults in a variety of settings. Some settings included, but not limited to crisis intervention, client outreach, detox/rehabilitation facilities and Juvenile Justice. 16 years of experience working with diverse, inner city “at risk” youth in collaborations with DCF, DMH, and DYS in a closed referral residential program setting to provide mental health and behavioral services. Currently has direct oversight of a Department of Youth Services (DYS) Juvenile Detention Facility as the Program Director. Priscilla’s approach is about meeting the individual where they are at and to understanding what they want to get out of therapy. Provide culturally sensitive care, through empathetic and therapeutic approaches.

Statement of Care: “I believe that healing is a journey that takes time. It is a journey that you don’t have to take alone. With good fundamental therapeutic foundations it is a journey that can be completed with support and with much success. This is just a small chapter in your book of life, you're still writing in it. There is still hope even if your brain tells you there isn’t.”

Priscilla S. Weldon, MA
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