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"Audrey's stress program has made a huge impact on my life. I find myself using the skills without even realizing I am doing it, which makes it easy to use. I find myself less stressed on an ongoing basis, and feeling more productive, calm, and stable. I would recommend it to anyone."

Managing Stress:  A Holistic Approach


Stress is everywhere. We live in a fast-paced world with high expectations in our personal and professional lives. We know that exposure to chronic stress has damaging effects to the brain or body, in addition to increasing our likelihood for anxiety, depression, irritability, and mental and physical fatigue. There is a need for interventions that will teach client's to manage stress in sustainable and healthy ways, lessening the overall effects of chronic stress. This is where Holistic Stress Reduction can be helpful.

Holistic stress reduction draws from the principles of holistic care-focusing on the connection of mind, body, and spirit- and views everything as interconnected and interrelated. What affects one aspect of yourself will influence all other aspects. For instance:

  • The thoughts you think affect every cell in your body.  

  • The emotions that you feel affect your thoughts, and likewise, the thoughts you think affect your emotions. 

  • The way you care for your body: the foods you ingest; the type and amount of exercise that you engage in; the amount of rest and sleep that you get; the air you breathe . . .all of these practices have a profound effect on your thoughts, your emotions, and your relationships. 

  • And likewise, the types and nature of the relationships that you engage in affect your overall physical health, your emotional health, your mental clarity, and your sense of well-being.

Our workshop, taught by our registered holistic nurse with over 25 years experience, will help in developing a personal plan to help you deal more effectively with stress and bring more health, vitality and wholesome behavior into your life. The workshops have a dual focus on teaching the psycho-education of stress while giving clients techniques to lessen and manage stress in their lives. Topics include the effects of stress on your health and wellbeing, Nutrition, Meditation, Imagery, Breathing Techniques, Movement and Self Soothing Skills.


For more information, please contact us at:

508-317-2323 or

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