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Yoga for Everybody in The Heart of Worcester

Off-Site Yoga Programs

Yoga Programming Options:

  • On-site workshops and classes

  • Off-site workshops and classes

  • Profesional Development and Training

  • Private and Small Group Instruction


"Stepping Stones Learning Center in Paxton has contracted out with Enlightened Interventions for Professional Development. Liz is amazing, she bring relevant information to the training, very interactive and extremely informational. SSLC employees request Liz all the time.  

In addition, we have contracted out for Yoga with our Preschool and Toddler Rooms. This has been a HUGE success. Not only is it a 45 minute instructional hands on program with our children, but our teachers learn so much to use in the future.

Thank you Enlightened Interventions for bringing such amazing programs."

“I LOVE bend and bond yoga with Caitlin. My daughter keeps asking “when are we going back to yoga”. I have noticed she is more aware of her body after the class as well”.”


Many times, schools, businesses, child care centers, groups, etc, want to incorporate the amazing benefits of yoga into their programming. We are happy to provide customized yoga programming off-site at your place of business school, or other location to your group. Yoga can be the perfect addition to summer camp programming, business team building, early childhood enrichment, and can help  achieve a variety of wellness goals.
Let us help you bring some balance to your site!

Examples of Off-Site Programs

Little Yogini

A Toddler and Preschool Yoga Workshop Program that Promotes Attention and Focusing Skills, Emotion Regulation Skills, and Body Awareness skills in children ages 2-6. Available on site at schools or child-care centers.

Research has shown that yoga helps young children to: 

  • Build self-esteem

  • Balance their Emotions

  • Develop Healthy Body Image

  • Self-soothe

  • Strengthen attentional skills

  • Decrease pre-verbal frustration


We offer customized packages to early childcare centers and preschools to help them design a yoga interventions program that meets their needs. Our staff is trained in providing yoga to youth this young and meeting their specific “yogi” needs! 


These may include:

  • Staff trainings

  • Specialty preschool workshops

  • On-going toddler and preschool classes

  • On-going staff coaching on implementing yoga

  • Parent-child classes

  • Family Night Workshops


Little Zumbini (Zumba Kids)

Zumba is amazing workout that can help with building concentration and focusing skills, emotion regulation, social skills, and mind-body connection.


Teen Yoga

In this off-site program, we combine fun and trendy music with traditional yoga asanas, poses, and breath work.  Yoga can help teens regulate their moods, connect with their bodies, find balance, release anxiety and tension, build self-esteem and reduce stress.


Bend and Bond Caregiver/Child Yoga

Research has shown that parent/child yoga helps young children to build self-esteem, balance their emotions, develop healthy body image, bond with their caregivers, and increase positive emotions. This workshop focuses on strengthening these skills and bonds with children ages 2-5 and their caregivers.


Teen Zumba

Zumba is amazing workout that can help with overwhelming emotions, regulation, healthy risk taking, social skills, and mind-body connection in teens. We are pleased to offer this program off-site at schools, group settings, team gatherings, or other teen-centric events.


Yoga for Office Staff

Achy back? Stiff shoulders or knees? Join us for an off-site program that helps promote healthy posture, lessen back strain and pain, and counteract the effects of sitting in an office chair all day!


Yoga for Leadership Teams

Yoga brings balance and power into your core, and promotes clear thinking, creativity, objectivity, and inner peace. Effective Leadership demands these qualities in their leaders, and using our specific flow-based yoga workshop is an amazing way to promote these in you seasoned or emerging leaders.


Yoga for Grief

Yoga has tremendous healing powers for those effected by grief, loss, and those trying to heal their bodies and their minds. We combine trauma-sensitive practices into a yoga workshop that promotes optimal healing, tolerating and managing emotions, and strengthens mind-body connection.


Yoga for Families

Feeling Disconnected? Yoga can be a great way to reconnect as a family unit, and we build in partner and group work with traditional yoga asanas and breathwork to maximize both the individual within the family and the interconnectedness of the family. Highly recommended for families with teens, family stress and chaos, and pre-adoptive families.



Traditionally, yoga has been a female-centric, fitness oriented practice that was dominated by those who could afford the time and money to invest in it. Since then, we have discovered the transformative and  healing nature of the practice for a wide variety of populations. For men, yoga and meditation have had proven positive effects on depression, anxiety, and overall mood, and have been proven effective as a tool for encouraging growth, change, and increasing motivation.


Additionally, all of our on-site programs are available off-site as well.


For more information, please contact us at:

508-317-2323 or  or

Some Pictures From Our Off-Site Events

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