Yoga for Everybody in The Heart of Worcester


At Union Street Yoga, we understand that many students value working 1 on 1 with a yoga instructor. For new and experienced yogis, private instruction can help students focus on posture development, deepen practice, or simply introduce yoga in a safe and anxiety-reducing way. For beginning students, time spent one on one will ensure that postures are performed safely and in alignment with your individual body, right from the start. Our bodies need different things depending on our biomechanics, injuries, and body strengths.  Every body is different!  Not all postures should look the same for everybody, as we are all created differently.  Advanced students often times want to take their practice to a new level and benefit from the individualized attention a private session will allow for. A private yoga training session will individualize yoga for you, and make future classes you take more beneficial. Private yoga takes place on or off-site, and can be individualized for your goals and needs.


To Book a Private Session, please call 508-317-2323 or


Please note that Colleen Munson is available for private adaptive yoga classes for children and adults with specialized needs.


Private & Small Group Yoga